Schmeisser AR-15’s Arrive in South Africa

| April 18, 2012

AR-15’s from a variety of manufacturers have been turning up in South Africa over the last couple years, with the latest being from Schmeisser in Germany imported by WACS / Hailstorm

About Schmeisser

The new Schmeisser company was founded by Thomas Hoff and Andreas Schumacher. The founders were in the firearms business for over 20 years before they decided to establish a best-of-class German manufacturer of AR-15/M16 system guns. The company was named in honour of one of Germany’s most famous and innovative weapons designers, Hugo Schmeisser. It is in this tradition of producing innovative, top quality firearms that the new company has taken up production of Mil-Spec civilian semi-automatic AR-15s and military and police/LE select fire M16/M4 type carbines and rifles for sale in Germany as well as for export marktets around the world.

I got to have a look and feel of the Schmeissers’ at IWA this year, and must say they looked very nicely finished. I’m sure we’ll be getting some feedback on them fairly soon as they’ll shortly be hitting the ranges, so what this space and GunSite for updates.

AR15 M5

Model AR-15 M5 Solid
Type Semi-Automatic rifle, Direct gas impingement
Caliber 5,56mm x 45 Nato/.223 Rem.
Barrel Lothar Walther
Barrel length 16,75“, 425mm
Twist 1/9
Total length 939mm extended , 842mm minimum
Weight 3.850 kg
Magazin with 2, 10 or 30 rds. capacity
Upper/Lower Aluminium 7075 T6, drop forged and anodized
Configuration collapsible 6 position stock, Solid Line upper receiver with integrated quad rail handguard
Shipped with One magazine, operator manual


For more information of the Schmeisser AR-15, contact Hailstormza or look out for the range reports on GunSite

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