Magpul’s MBUS PRO vs MBUS Gen 2

| March 29, 2014 | 0 Comments

AR15News created an excellent picture comparison of MagPul’s MBUS Gen 2 polymer flip-up sights versus the newly released MBUS PRO machined metal sights.

The Magpul MBUS Gen 2’s are good sights and do most things that you need them to, but there are some applications where they don’t work that well, and this is the gap that the PRO’s fill. If you’re looking for a set of back up sights, the Gen 2’s do the job just fine, and if you’re running a red dot optic, they’ll work perfectly. Where I’ve seen issues with the plastic MBUS sights is where you have a scope on your rifle and you need to get the correct eye relief. Getting the correct high and eye relief, I find,  puts the scope over the rear sight, and in the case of the MBUS, the clearance is quite tight. The Troy sights have a lower profile and I find that these work better under scopes and to a certain extent, I prefer all metal sights.

The MBUS PRO fill this gap in Magpul’s locker. They now have a sight that challengers Troy’s slim design, by having an even slimmer profile. The new MBUS PRO sights are great and will definitely be the next set of BUIS that I purchase.

Expect a number of SA dealers to have these from time to time. I know Hailstorm have had some in and will most certainly be getting more.


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