Bushmaster start shipping different length ACR barrels

| March 15, 2014

Bushmaster will finally be shipping different barrel lengths for their ACRs. One of the only complaints that really I hear or read of about on the ACR is that it’s a little front heavy, and maybe it is. The availability of 14.5″ and 10.5″ barrels is good news for those looking to shift the balance a little. While I’m not sure I’ll replace a 16.5″ with a 14.5″, the 10.5″ would be a lovely addition. Adding a suppressor like the ASE Utra JET-Z CQBS at 145mm to a 10.5″ barrel will take the rifle back up to around 16.5″, and this is what really has me interested.

Lets hope we see them in the near future and those fortunate enough to own an ACR in South Africa can show us what this might look like.


Bushmaster rifles are available from Hailstorm in South Africa

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