BCM and Haley Strategic Partners – The Jack Carbine

| February 16, 2013

Here’s a neat little rifle that Travis Haley has put his name too. Travis has always had interesting rifle with the latest gadgets, but this rifle seems to go back to basics a little and gives you everything you need, and nothing you don’t. We’re unlikely to see these in South Africa any time soon, but it’s nice to sense check what we’re putting on our rifles and what we actually need. Obviously a good quality optic goes without saying.

The Specs courtesy of BCM:

Haley Strategic Partners – The Jack Carbine Package Includes:
  • BCM® 14.5″ Mid Length Gas 11595E Barrel (w/ perm BCMGUNFIGHTER™ Compensator Mod 1)
  • HSP Logo Laser Etched on Magwell and Upper Receiver
  • Joint Forces Enterprises Applied HSP Disruptive Gray Cerrakote
  • Geissele SMR Mk1 Free Float Handguards
  • BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle
  • B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo Stock
  • End Plate with QD Swivel Attachement
  • ALG Defense ACT Trigger
  • Troy Ind/BCM Rear Folding Battle Sight
  • Impact Weapon Componants Thorntail Mount
  • Inforce WML-HSP
  • BCM® Magazine w/ Magpul Follower

Note: the  Inforce WML-HSP can be purchased from Hailstorm.

And here’s a few words from the man himself on the rifle:

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